I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being so helpful and kind, especially Kerri. She is a very nice person to talk to. She has helped me a lot and answered my questions. My mind is much calmer and peaceful thanks to you all.

woman by window
F.P.Syracuse, NY

My time in this program has taught me a lot. Especially how critical it is to keep your credit clean as possible. I am a lot more financially stable. Thank you so much for your time and support during this program.

J.B.Lindenwood, NJ

I thank you for all your help and would recommend you highly to anyone who is experiencing financial difficulties.

man on beach
J.M.Athens, NE

There was always someone ready to support me and deal with my creditors. If not for your help we would have been looking at bankruptcy. The debts were overwhelming but you showed us it could be managed. There are really no words to describe the deep appreciation we have for the service, guidance, and support provided us. Thank you!


happy man
K.S.Missouri Valley, IA

I am very pleased with the program. Our counselor Melinda did a great job communicating with me and getting me enrolled in this program. Great work!!


S.R.Bethlehem, PA

I love your new website and the ability to manage my own account online! Thanks.


bride and groom
J.T.Decatur, GA

I would especially like to commend our enrollment counselor Michael and the wonderful way in which he has worked with us. I have called him so many times upset and in tears. He was able to calm my anxiety and fears in such a professional manner. He was understanding, not critical, and reassuring. He has really helped my husband and I during this critical and “trying” time in our life. He is certainly an asset to your organization. Thanks again for the help of everyone at Credit Advisors Foundation. My wish is that I had found you sooner. Thanks again and may God Bless.


woman with sunglasses
P.N.Tallassee, AL

We appreciate the expertise, time, and effort of Credit Advisors in seeing us through our debt management program. Credit Advisors is reputable and the counselors will work with you no matter how critical your situation appears to be. Thank you to the staff of Credit Advisors. I feel relieved and so does my spouse. God Bless You.


women wearing green
D.H.Scott, Louisiana

Since 1996, you have been my lifesaver and friend. I started out a newly divorced, low-income parent, in over my head. Six years have gone by and all the sweat and tears have paid off. Thank you for your patience and persistence. I now have an executive position with a global corporation, older (more expensive but more appreciative) children and a wonderful fiancée.


men embracing
J. M.Sunbright, Tennessee

Dear Friends,
A little over 7 years ago, feeling extremely frustrated, I checked through the yellow pages and I found Credit Advisors. Due to a set of very difficult, unfortunate circumstances, we needed help. I found Credit Advisors to be helpful, compassionate to our problems, and very easy to work with. This has also been true of people I have referred to them. After sticking to it, working with them, I can happily say we have reached the end. We are financially smarter, financially balanced, and thank you to the people who helped us is not enough!


men with bowties
C. G.Puyallup, Washington

Dear Credit Advisors,
Thank you for providing me this service, which allowed me to pay off all my debts. I’m getting married in 2 weeks and I’m doing it debt free! This would have taken me many more years at my original pace.

young couple
K.M.Salt Lake City, Utah

“I’m writing this letter in appreciation for the efforts made by your firm. In particular my account manager, Bob. He has made me feel comfortable with my inability to pay my outstanding debt I had 27 creditors against me. I contacted your firm, within a short time all my creditors were contacted and the letters stopped. You have my deepest thanks that I have to offer.”


elderly couple
D.S.Athens, Georgia

I just wanted to write-THANKS! For making my life financially better! The process was painless, your representatives always helpful and PATIENT! And the best part was it ONLY took 3 YEARS to PAY OFF!!! I tell you, when that day came, it made me feel GREAT that I could accomplish this in so little time. THANKS CREDIT ADVISORS!


attractive lady
M.T.Brooklyn, NY

When I came to the realization that I was in need of a debt management program, I automatically made an appointment with CCCS. I left that appointment in tears after I was told by a CCCS staffer that, for me, bankruptcy was the only option. I refused to accept that, however. I came home and did some research on-line and found your agency. After one phone call your representative had me on track. Less than four years later I am able to say the words I’ve dreamed of saying – ”I AM DEBT FREE!“ I have your organization to thank for that and I am in your debt forever! – – No PUN intended!! Thank you for your help out of what seemed to be a hopeless situation.


young couple
K.L.Pensacola, FL